Needle punch application on a faux leather paper shopping bag


Decorate a faux leather paper shopping bag with a needle-punched embroidered design. The application is made with woollen yarn on aida fabric using a punch needle. The needle-punched design is then glued onto the front of the faux leather paper shopping bag.

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Needle punch application on a faux leather paper shopping bag
Needle punch application on a faux leather paper shopping bag

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    How to do it
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    Cut out the designs from the template which is available as a separate PDF file on this page.
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    Cut a piece of aida fabric approx. 5 cm larger in width and length than the template. Place the template on top of the aida fabric and copy the template design onto the aida fabric.
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    Assemble the multi frame to a square to fit the aida fabric.
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    Attach the aida fabric onto the multi frame using either a stapler or drawing pins; not too secure as the fabric needs to come off again. Begin by attaching each corner, keeping the fabric taut.
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    Staple along the sides. Pull the fabric outwards before stapling each time.
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    Thread the punch needle following the instructions on the packaging. Punch the entire pattern with the punch needle adjusted to setting D except the dots which require setting B. Always make sure to have unwound loose wool.. Please note that the side of the fabric from which you punch, will be the back of the embroidered design. When needle punching large areas, we suggest needle punching the entire circumference first.
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    Punch every other hole in every row in the aida fabric with the punch needle.
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    Fill in pattern on the aida fabric with all the different colours.
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    Make the dots at the end. Adjust the punch needle to setting B.
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    Embroider the dots by first needle punching the circumference of the circle and then filling in the centre.
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    Carefully secure all the ends with a yarn needle.
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    Remove the fabric from the multi frame. Trim the sides of the aida fabric leaving a border all the way around the needle punched design of approx. 1.5 cm. Apply a thick coat of decoupage lacquer for fabric onto the back to fix the loops.
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    Cut off a small triangle at the corners and fold the fabric edges onto the back. Secure the edges by applying decoupage lacquer for fabric using a brush.
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    Mark where you want to attach the design onto the front of the shopping bag and apply decoupage lacquer for fabric. Place the needle-punched aida fabric on top, push and apply pressure until the glue is dry.
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