Marionette Puppets made from Strips of Wood and Gauze Bandage


These marionette puppets with strings, a control bar and movable joints are made from gauze bandage on a wooden skeleton. The head, hands and feet are shaped from gauze bandage, then painted. The hair and clothes are made using your imagination.

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Marionette Puppets made from Strips of Wood and Gauze Bandage
Marionette Puppets made from Strips of Wood and Gauze Bandage

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    Image-wise (spatial intelligence): Children's linguistic intelligence (word-wise) is enhanced when taking part in theatre.
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    Word-wise (linguistic intelligence): Children's spatial intelligence (image-wise) is enhanced when making puppets, costumes and scenery.
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    The head: Put a flower stick in a bottle. Scrunch blank newspaper and shape it around the stick and the bottle neck. Cover the head with gauze bandage, shape facial features and let it dry. Make the hands and feet according to the same principle – but without the use of a bottle.
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    Remove the stick from the head. Now paint the head, hands and feet.
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    A skeleton made from strips of wood: Print the template, which is available as a separate PDF file, for this idea. Cut the strips of wood to the correct size and drill holes for the strings. NB: Make the body from 2x2 strips of wood and glue them on top of each other. Drill a hole at each hip and at the shoulders.
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    Make the hair and the clothes from various materials according to your own imagination. Dress the puppet and attach the strings using reef knots from the wrists and knees to the control bar. Put a string from the top of the body, through the head and attach to the control bar, so that the head can tilt.
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