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Leather Cord, thickness 2 mm, black, 10m


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Good quality dyed round leather cord.
thickness 2 mm
Ideas made from this product
  • Inspiration: 13931 A silver Leather Cord braided Bracelet with faceted Beads
  • Inspiration: 13937 A Leather Cord with a Pendant made from a Drop Pin with Links
  • Inspiration: 11025 Double chain with pewter pendant.
  • Inspiration: 11040 Leather bracelet with flowers
  • Inspiration: 11041 Leather heart pendant
  • Inspiration: 11063 A Leather Bracelet with Glass Beads
  • Inspiration: 11064 Leather Bracelet
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  • Inspiration: 11244 For the birds in cold weather
  • Inspiration: 11318 Cup warmer of felt
  • Inspiration: 11319 Bread basked in felt
  • Inspiration: 11914 A Leather Bracelet with a Magnetic Clasp
  • Inspiration: 12504 Jewellery with Peace Signs
  • Inspiration: 12539 A Necklace with a Bead Pendant
  • Inspiration: 12934 A Braided Leather Necklace with a Pendant
  • Inspiration: 12981 A Bracelet made from Leather Cords with Silicone Stop Rings
  • 9+
    Inspiration: 13880 Pendants cast from Pewter
  • Inspiration: 13983 A Bracelet from three Leather Cords with a faceted Bead & a Star
Ideas made from a varient of this product
  • Inspiration: 13958 A hanging Decoration with Vivi Gade Design Paper Diamonds
  • Inspiration: 13969 A rectangular Paper Diamond made from Vivi Gade Design Paper
  • Inspiration: 10765 End Caps
  • Inspiration: 11099 Chain with monkey’s fist knots
  • Inspiration: 1114 A Jewellery Set
  • Inspiration: 12054 Papier-Mâché with Wood Veneer
  • Inspiration: 12056 Rustic Papier-Mâché
  • Inspiration: 12366 Jewellery School. Finishing with End Caps
  • Inspiration: 12544 Jewellery School. An Adjustable Knot
  • Inspiration: 12930 Braided Leather Bracelets with a Link Button Fastener
  • Inspiration: 13283 A Leather Bracelet with faceted Beads and Nylon Fishing Line Cord
  • Inspiration: 14218 Hanging Decorations made from patterned Felt
  • Inspiration: 14219 A Star made from Florist Wire and colourful woollen Balls
  • Inspiration: 14291 Candle Holders connected with a Leather Cord
  • Inspiration: 14495 A Star cast from Plaster
  • Inspiration: 14497 A white Plaster Imprint
  • Inspiration: 14735 Bracelets with wooden Beads and Decorations
  • Inspiration: 14710 A Keyring Fob from a Leather Cord with painted wooden Beads
  • Inspiration: 15013 A Christmas Bauble with Faux Leather Paper made to look like a Cone
  • Inspiration: 15189 A Basket woven from Faux Leather Paper weaving Strips and secured with a Leather Cord

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