Creative kit – Batik-dyed tea towels and tote bags


Creative kit – Batik-dyed tea towels and tote bags

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Contents: batik dyes, fixing agent for batik dye, cotton string, tote bags, tea towels.

Try your hand at the popular DIY classic batik with this kit, which contains batik dyes, fixing agent, string, tea towels and tote bags. Now, you can easily give your textiles a trendy makeover.

Make beautiful effects on cotton textiles using only batik dye, fixing agent and ordinary kitchen salt. Try for example dip dying, the twist-and-coil technique or making a bullseye, (this last one is produced by pulling a small part up out of the middle of the textile and twisting it tightly with either string). Wash and dry your textile piece first so that it is free from any finishing agents and thus more receptive to the dye. Cover with plastic and use gloves. Dissolve the kitchen salt in boiling water – you will need approx. 0.5 kg of fine kitchen salt for 1 litre of water. Then add more water to lower the temperature. Add the batik dye and fixing agent. The lower the temperature, the lighter the colour you will get..

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