Keyring Fobs with Pom-Poms


These keyring fobs are decorated in the same fashion with pom-poms made from yarn. All are attached onto thick cotton cord and three of the keyring fobs are decorated further with a single bead.

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Keyring Fobs with Pom-Poms
Keyring Fobs with Pom-Poms

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    How to do it
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    Cut a 65 cm piece of cotton cord, double it over and attach it onto a split ring. Tie another knot where you want to attach the pom-poms later.
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    Make a pom-pom from yarn. We have used the smallest of the pom-pom makers from the set of four different sizes (item No. 46135). Wind the yarn several times around each part of the two-part pom-pom maker.
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    Close the pom-pom maker and cut open the yarn along the groove.
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    Tie the doubled-over cord in the split ring onto the groove in the pom-pom maker with two knots and remove the pom-pom maker. Tie a knot close to the pom-pom.
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    Thread one or more beads onto the doubled-over cord and finish with a knot. Trim the two cord ends.
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