Home Interiors from cast Concrete


This home interior is cast from concrete powder mixed in a bucket with added water. Many items can be used as a mould. In this example we have used a papier-mâché letter for a mould.

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1.. A papier-mâché mould: Cut away the back of the letter using a sharp knife.
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2.. Grease the mould with cooking oil. In this case it is to saturate the fibres, but otherwise to make it easy to release the moulded shape at the end.
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3.. Mix the concrete powder with water in the ratio: 1 part water to 10 parts of concrete powder. NB: The more water, the shinier the result.
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4.. Stir the mixture thoroughly.
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5.. Pour the concrete mix into the mould. Make sure that it gets into every corner and press the mix in well. This is done by shaking the mould a few times (lightly with your hands, so that the mix does not overflow the mould).
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6.. Smooth the concrete and leave to dry for approx. 3 hours.
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7.. Remove the mould. NB: As the mould in this example is made from papier-mâché, it may be necessary to break it in order to release the shape.
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A TIP!. You may paint the concrete letter with Chalky Vintage Look paint.
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