Hens made from Polystyrene Shapes and Florist Wire covered with Papier-mâché Pulp


These long-necked hens are made on a frame of two round polystyrene balls assembled with florist wire. Everything is then covered with papier-mâché pulp, which is also used to make the beak, the eyes and the comb. When dry, the figures are painted in different colours using Plus Color craft paint.

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1. Soak papier-mâché pulp in water using the ratio: 3 parts pulp to 1 part water.
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A TIP!. For increased adhesion, add 1 tbsp glue lacquer per 2 dl mass of papier-mâché pulp and water. Knead the mixture well and leave to rest for 1 hour prior to modelling.
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3. Frame: Assemble the polystyrene eggs using florist wire (3-4 wires all the same length which are twisted into one wire).
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4. Cover the frame by distributing the papier-mâché pulp evenly. Also model eyes, a beak and a comb which are pressed on and smoothed out at the joints. Leave to dry for 2-8 days depending on the size of the figure.
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5. Paint the body with Plus Color craft paint and leave to dry.
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6. Paint eyes, the beak and the comb with the same type of paint. Leave to dry.
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7. Make large dots with a foam stencil brush all over the bird's body using the same type of paint. Leave to dry.
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8. Use the end of the brush handle for making dots of Plus Color craft paint inside the large dots. Leave to dry.
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