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Glow in the Dark Paint, fluorescent light blue, 250ml


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Luminescent paint - glows when the lights are turned off. Suits bright surfaces. The more layers - the greater effect.
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Ideas made from a varient of this product
  • Inspiration: 269 Luminous figures of EVA foam
  • Inspiration: 12012 Luminescent Papier-Mâché Ghosts
  • Inspiration: 12740 Glow-in-the-Dark Polystyrene Monsters
  • Inspiration: 12741 Gauze Bandage Ghosts
  • Inspiration: 13160 Decorative Stones with colourful Patterns and a luminous Effect
  • Inspiration: 13287 Luminescent Ghosts made from Silk Clay
  • Inspiration: 13845 A large luminescent Spider
  • Inspiration: 13846 A luminescent Mask for Halloween
  • Inspiration: 14696 A Mask painted with luminescent Paint
  • Inspiration: 15065 A Spider made from a Skull and Pipe Cleaners for Halloween Decoration
  • Inspiration: 15061 A Mummy Halloween Costume
  • Inspiration: 15064 Gauze Bandage Ghosts painted with luminescent Paint