Glass Color Metal


Glass Color Metal

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Water-based paint with metallic effect for glass and porcelain. Bake in a household oven at 160°C for 30 min - wash by hand .

Apply the paint with a firm, soft brush – or dab it on with a foam stencil onto a clean, grease-free object such as glass or porcelain. Take care not to apply too thick a layer. Try combining it with a contour marker and drawing in the outline first, before filling in the motifs with the liquid paint. Leave to dry until the next day. Curing: Place the decorated item in a standard, preheated oven (not convection or steam) at 160 °C for 30 minutes. Then leave the piece to cool on a wire rack. Clean the tools in lukewarm water.

Use the paint to decorate glass items in bright colours, write your name on your favourite mug or draw patterns on white porcelain. Perhaps you know someone who could benefit from a mug makeover with fun characters, a personal quote or their name in beautiful lettering? The paint contains lots and lots of metallic pigments that provide an elegant, glistening and pearlescent surface while also being slightly transparent. The paint has an environmental label A for your peace of mind. It is environmentally friendly and contains no harmful substances for adults or children.

More Information
SeasonBasic craft
Retail quantity 1 bottle
Content quantity 30 ml
Colour green
EUH208 Contains CMIT/MIT (3:1), BIT. May produce an allergic reaction.
Safety Data Sheet
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