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Fix Glue, , 500ml


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Non-permanent adhesive - apply to make self-adhesive surfaces for shapes, gold leaf etc.
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Ideas made from this product
  • Inspiration: 10945 Black Relief
  • Inspiration: 11302 Papier-mâché books covered with handmade paper
  • Inspiration: 11824 Indian Oil Lamps
  • Inspiration: 11857 Decoration on Glass
  • Inspiration: 13001 Eggs made from Hard Foil and decorated with Mosaics
  • Inspiration: 13031 A Terracotta Heart with Gold Art and Craft Foil
  • Inspiration: 13184 Star & Snowflake from Felt with Imitation Metal Leaf & Charms
  • Inspiration: 13331 Christmas Figures made from painted Wood Mosaic Shapes
  • Inspiration: 13344 Polystyrene Eggs decorated with Tissue Paper and Glitter
  • Inspiration: 13526 Pastel-coloured Eggs with Copper Decoration & white Dots
  • Inspiration: 13563 A Scrapbook made from a Notebook bound in Deco Foil
  • Inspiration: 13627 A Glass Bird, Heart and Bauble with Silver Imitation Metal Leaf
  • Inspiration: 13690 A natural woven heart-shaped Garland with Cones & Star Anise
  • Inspiration: 13743 A Glass Bauble filled with silver glittering Balls
  • Inspiration: 14523 A Pillar Candle with a Gold Imitation Metal Leaf Border