Fish made from yarn and plastic waste


Make fish from cardboard, yarn and plastic waste. Cut out the fish from cardboard (from a cardboard box) and cover it with acrylic yarn. Decorate further with small pieces of plastic attached with sticky base. Talk to the children about the importance of using the bin to make sure that plastic doesn't end up in the ocean.

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1   Collect some plastic waste from the home to be used for decoration on the fish. Explain to the children that acrylic yarn is also made from plastic.
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2   Cut out a fish from cardboard from a cardboard box or thick card from a shoe box. Cut out the fish with a craft knife using a cutting mat.
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3   Attach sticky base onto both sides of the fish using your fingers. Apply the sticky base onto only a small area at a time.
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4   Wrap yarn around the sticky surface and make sure to cover the cardboard. Continue to apply sticky base over the next area on the cardboard fish and wrap yarn around it until the fish is completely covered. Secure the ends with a small blob of sticky base.
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5   Decorate the fish with the collected plastic waste by attaching it with sticky base. You may, for example, add eyes, fins etc.
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6   Leave the fish to dry until the following day. Place it on the yarn label, or a cup or similar to avoid it sticking to the surface.
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7   You may attach a magnet onto the back of the fish or attach a string for hanging.
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