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Feathers, size 7-8 cm, asstd colours, 50g


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Fine quality turkey feathers.
size 7-8 cm
Ideas made from this product
  • Inspiration: 11212 A Mask for the King of the Birds
  • Inspiration: 11215 A Parade Costume Bird Children
  • Inspiration: 11461 Easter Templates Card
  • Inspiration: 12873 A Papier-Mâché Mask with Feathers and Rhinestones
  • 4+
    Inspiration: 12876 Native Indian Jewellery with Rocaille Seed Beads and Feathers
  • Inspiration: 13002 Easter Chicks in Egg Shells
  • Inspiration: 13873 Graphic Designs and Glitter Paint on a Plastic Mask
  • Inspiration: 13884 Decoupage and coloured Down on a Half Face Mask
  • Inspiration: 14006 A Feather inside a Glass Heart hanging in a neon-coloured String
  • Inspiration: 1583 Cone Chickens on Eggs
  • Inspiration: 1590 Flat amusing Animals
  • Inspiration: 13345 A Chick from a Pipe Cleaner and Feathers
  • Inspiration: 14162 A Card Bird with glued-on Down and Wiggle Eyes
  • Inspiration: 14719 A Dream Catcher made from a Metal Ring wound with Cotton Yarn and decorated
Ideas made from a varient of this product
  • Inspiration: 11201 Rhythmical Instruments
  • Inspiration: 12209 Chicks on Sticks
  • Inspiration: 13347 Silk Clay Chick on Wire Legs decorated with Feathers
  • Inspiration: 13988 Natural Eggs dyed with Silk Paint

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