Faux Leather Paper Eggs for hanging


These eggs are cut out from faux leather paper which is embossed with an embossing folder in a die-cutting and embossing machine. They are sewn together in pairs with cotton cord and hung on a leather cord decorated with a wooden bead and a pendant.

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Faux Leather Paper Eggs for hanging
Faux Leather Paper Eggs for hanging

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    How to do it
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    Place the faux leather paper in the embossing folder and roll it through the die-cutting and embossing machine.
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    Print and cut out the template for the egg which is available as a separate PDF file for this idea. Copy the template onto the back of the faux leather paper and cut out.
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    Make holes all around the edge though both layers, using a hammer and a darning needle.
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    Sew buttonhole stitches using the holes. Leave a small opening.
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    Fill the egg lightly with polyester stuffing and sew the hole closed. Secure the loop of the leather cord for hanging when sewing the hole.
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    Attach the pendant with the cotton cord onto the egg, thread the wooden bead onto the leather cord and tie a knot.
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    Write the text with stamps and a coloured stamp pad with ink.
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