Dip'n dye technique

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Wash and dry your cotton fabric item to remove any potential residue from the manufacturing process, thus making it more receptive to colour. Cover the table with plastic and use disposable plastic gloves when tie-dyeing. Make two dye baths in two tubs by dissolving 0.5 kg fine kitchen salt in 1 l boiling water per tub. You will need 50 ml fabric dye in each tub and 100 ml fabric dye is enough to completely dye approx. 700 g white cotton fabric.
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Pour another 4 l of water into each tub so that the final temperature is between 30°C and 60°C. The warmer the water, the darker and more intense the colour. The colder the water, the lighter the colour. Add 50 ml fabric dye and 100 g fixing agent to each tub. Stir until the fixing agent is dissolved.
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Gently dip one end of the cotton fabric item in the dye bath for 2-10 min. The longer the item is in the dye bath, the darker the colour. The shorter, the lighter the colour.
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Repeat this procedure with the other end of the cotton fabric item in the other dye bath. You may dip once more in the first dye bath if you wish to blend the colours in a specific area.
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Rinse several times in cold water until the water is clean. Then wash the item with washing detergent in the washing machine at 40°C.
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