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Decorative Ribbon, W: 10 mm, red/white harmony, 12x1m


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High quality decorative ribbon collection.
Set containing 3 x 1m ribbons in 4 designs .
W: 10 mm
Ideas made from this product
  • Inspiration: 10669 A Christmas Stocking
  • Inspiration: 11141 Pigs with Paper and Ribbon
  • Inspiration: 11741 A Teddy Brooch
  • Inspiration: 11758 Pillow Boxes / Folding Boxes
  • Inspiration: 11761 Felted Hearts
  • Inspiration: 11764 A Garland with Woven Stars
  • Inspiration: 11766 Christmas Nostalgia
  • Inspiration: 11843 Christmas Ornaments with Decoupage
  • Inspiration: 11929 Punched-Out Cones
  • Inspiration: 12670 A Flat Glass Bauble with a Reindeer Design
  • Inspiration: 12713 A Hanging Decoration with Circles
  • Inspiration: 12714 A Vivi Gade Design Cone
  • Inspiration: 13154 A Needle Felted Heart with Dots and a Decorative Ribbon
  • Inspiration: 13362 A Candle made from a rolled Sheet of Beeswax
Ideas made from a varient of this product
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  • Inspiration: 11819 Origami
  • Inspiration: 11689 Papier-Mâché Letters covered with Vivi Gade Design Paper
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  • Inspiration: 13739 A Felt Cover for an iPad or an iPhone
  • Inspiration: 13816 A pastel-painted Egg with a Waist Band and a wooden Sticker
  • Inspiration: 13612 A painted Box with small Organic Cotton Teddy Bears
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