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Deco Foil and transfer sheet, sheet 15x15 cm, dark blue, silver, birthday, 2x2sheets


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Set of decorative foil with metallic surface and design foil. Rub the motifs of glue on cardboard, paper, wood, etc. and then transfer the deco foil. Guidance included.
Pack with 2 different colours deco foil and 2 transfer sheets .
sheet 15x15 cm
Ideas made from a varient of this product
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  • Inspiration: 15245 A decorated 5-week Planner for a Bullet Journal and a Calendar
  • Inspiration: 15282 Easter Eggs decorated with Deco Foil on Glue Foil Designs
  • Inspiration: 15233 Manilla Tags decorated with Deco Foil and Glue Foil Designs
  • Inspiration: 15236 Greeting Cards decorated with Glue Foil and Deco Foil Flowers and Hearts
  • Inspiration: 15582 An Explosion Box with Pockets for Contents consisting of Card and Photos
  • Inspiration: 15568 A two-part papier-mâché egg decorated with Plus Color craft paint and deco foil
  • Inspiration: 15647 An explosion box as a present with money and chocolate
  • Inspiration: 15734 A Christmas card with a nosy elf made from deco foil