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Creative Card, A4 210x297 mm, 180 g, asstd colours, 30mixed sheets


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Great selection of one coloured premium card.
Pack with 20 different colours .
A4 210x297 mm, 180 g
Ideas made from this product
  • Inspiration: 10255 Fiskars Clear Stamps - Birthday
  • Inspiration: 10257 Fiskars 2-in-1 Corner & Border Punch
  • Inspiration: 10318 Swarming Ladybugs
  • Inspiration: 11461 Easter Templates Card
  • Inspiration: 11722 Trivets with Collage
  • Inspiration: 12202 Templates for Card Hanging Decorations
  • Inspiration: 12211 Puffed Up Easter Creatures
  • Inspiration: 12371 A Clown made from Corrugated Board
  • Inspiration: 12411 A Drawing with Skrib Markers
  • Inspiration: 12743 Templates for Halloween Shapes
  • Inspiration: 1510 Making Children's Christmas Decorations
  • Inspiration: 14314 Paper Dolls and Clothes made from Card
  • Inspiration: 14571 Christmas Decorations using a flexible Template
  • Inspiration: 14315 Reindeer made from Card using a Template
  • Inspiration: 14316 An Easter Bunny and an Easter Chick from plain and patterned Card
  • Inspiration: 14323 Christmas Decorations using a flexible Template
  • Inspiration: 14635 Greeting Cards with Christmas Designs made from Card
  • Inspiration: 14780 Card Shapes for Halloween
  • Inspiration: 14781 Card Decorations for Halloween
  • Inspiration: 14754 An Angel and a Pixie made from a Template and Materials from a Christmas Decoration Kit
Ideas made from a varient of this product
  • Inspiration: 10352 Paper Punches
  • Inspiration: 11614 Trivets with Designs
  • Inspiration: 1457 Fun Creepy Decorations
  • Inspiration: 820 Card Pixies
  • Inspiration: 14938 Foam Rubber Easter hanging Decorations
  • Inspiration: 15535 Colourful embroidered Hanging Decorations

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