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  1. Inspiration: v13643 A painted Self-Portrait on a Canvas
    Children's personal and spatial intelligence is enhanced by this creative project when creating self-portraits and when mixing colours. When children depict themselves, they increase their self-awareness (self-wise) – and similarly by reproducing their own skin colour. Children's spatial intelligence is enhanced when mixing colours for the actual skin tone, thus learning how different colours interact with each other.
  2. Inspiration: v12422 Laminated Clocks
  3. Inspiration: v12871 A Plastic Mask with Foam Rubber and Neon Paint

    This mask's facial features are highlighted with a black permanent marker. Then it is painted with A-Color acrylic neon paint and finally decorated with foam rubber hair.

  4. Inspiration: v16370 Paintings with colour mixing
  5. Inspiration: v11179 A Framed African Mask
  6. Inspiration: v14475 A Picture of a nesting Chicken
    Children's physical-kinaesthetic and social intelligence is enhanced by this project when outlining their hands, decorating them individually and placing them on a window as a collective and joint collage (group-wise). In addition, children's motor skills are enhanced when using bottles with a drawing tip, applying the colour by pressing the bottle while drawing.
  7. Inspiration: v13671 A Contrasting Image of an Owl
  8. Inspiration: v16346 Colourful main courses

25 Items

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