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  1. Inspiration: v11180 African tribal masks

    The African tribal masks are modeled with plaster bandage on a full face mask of papier-mâché, then painted with Plus Color and decorated with African bead mix and golden Bonsai wire.

  2. Inspiration: v10559 Paverpol Sculpture Glue
  3. Inspiration: v11167 African Masks on a Stick
  4. Inspiration: v12010 A Sculpture with Gauze Bandage
  5. Inspiration: v14179 A Sculpture made from Floral Wire, Masking Tape and Foam Clay

    The sculptures are made from floral wire, inserted into a wooden board/icon for a stand. Masking tape is wrapped around the wire, adding polystyrene items as you go along to add substance. Finally, model Foam Clay onto the sculpture, including the stand.

  6. Inspiration: v12342 Self Portraits with Silk Clay
  7. Inspiration: v15828 Sculptures on wheels from recycled cardboard and gauze bandage
    Make sculptures from recycled cardboard using your imagination. Assemble the parts with thick bonsai wire and masking tape before covering them with gauze bandage and painting them with acrylic paint. Finish by attaching the wooden wheels. These sculptures are inspired by the Austrian artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser's colourful art.
  8. Inspiration: v12880 Sculptures with Gauze Bandage
  9. Inspiration: v16591 Busts from red earth clay
  10. Inspiration: v12898 A-Color Glass on Gauze Bandage
  11. Inspiration: v16310 Curvaceous bodies in clay
  12. Inspiration: v16295 Long-legged sculptures
  13. Inspiration: v11174 Jungle Birds

    This bird is shaped around a polystyrene egg using unprinted newsprint and tied in place with floral wire.The paper is glued with VTR adhesive. Then it is painted with Plus Color craft paint.

  14. Inspiration: v16367 Imaginative bottle birds

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