Presents for Mother's day

Once a year pamper Mum on Mother's Day, even better, how about a present you have made yourself. We have lots of ideas including jewellery and greeting cards.

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  1. Inspiration: v13364 Apron made from a Vivi Gade Design Tea Towel (the Paris Series)

    This apron is made from a single tea towel from the Vivi Gade “Paris” Design Series. The drawstring is a piece of design cord, threaded through a casing. A knot is tied at each end of the design cord.

  2. Inspiration: v13317 Sampling teknik
  3. Inspiration: v13313 A decorated Clip Board
  4. Inspiration: v13294 An iIlustrated Oven Glove
  5. Inspiration: v13159 Two-part Hanging Decoration with Wood Veneer & Christmas Designs

    These two-part hanging decorations are assembled into a 3D Christmas decoration. A piece of very thin wood veneer is attached onto the hanging decoration using double-sided foil paper. Graphic Christmas designs are painted on using a flexible stencil.

  6. Inspiration: v13135 Drawings on wooden Products
  7. Inspiration: v13112 Bowls made from Gauze Bandage
  8. Inspiration: v13093 Square Candle Holders with Paint and Graphic Designs

    These square candle holders are painted with Plus Color craft paint and then decorated with a graphic design using a black Glass & Porcelain Contour Marker.

  9. Inspiration: v13064 A Tray with a Graphic Pattern
  10. Inspiration: v13058 Terracotta Hooks with Letters
  11. Inspiration: v13044 A Bracelet made from a Bead Chain and Neon-Coloured Macramé Cords

    This bracelet is made by plaiting a bead chain and two pieces of macramé cord. Bead cones are attached and a lobster claw clasp is used as the fastener.

  12. Inspiration: v13041 Braiding with Neon Beads

Items 181-216 of 327

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