Presents for Mother's day

Once a year pamper Mum on Mother's Day, even better, how about a present you have made yourself. We have lots of ideas including jewellery and greeting cards.

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  1. Inspiration: v15524 Lanterns from papier-mâché pulp decorated with dried flowers
    Make your own lanterns from papier-mâché pulp and attach dried flowers on the inside with decoupage lacquer for decoration.
  2. Inspiration: v12427 A Canvas Panel with Print
  3. Inspiration: v12428 Calendars with Torn Collage
  4. Inspiration: v12423 Laminated Place Mats
  5. Inspiration: v12422 Laminated Clocks
  6. Inspiration: v12351 A Balloon Lamp
  7. Inspiration: v11224 Balloon lamps

    Balloons wound with paper yarn dipped in Paverpol sculpture glue.

  8. Inspiration: v10584 A Collage with a wavy Effect
  9. Inspiration: v10582 A Mirror Collage
  10. Inspiration: v1215 Woollen Pots

13 Items

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