Presents for Mother's day

Once a year pamper Mum on Mother's Day, even better, how about a present you have made yourself. We have lots of ideas including jewellery and greeting cards.

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  1. Inspiration: v12736 Screen Stencil on a Framed Canvas Panel

    An adhesive screen stencil is placed on top of a canvas panel and paint is dabbed onto the stencil using a foam stencil brush. Screen stencils should be washed and dried between each new print.

  2. Inspiration: v12468 A Card with Girl's Sticker
  3. Inspiration: v12431 A Collage Frame with Mosaic
  4. Inspiration: v12429 Glass Plates with Mosaic decorated with Glass & Porcelain Markers

    These lovely glass mosaic fragments are glued onto a glass plate with Clear Multi Glue Gel and placed in a wooden stand. Decorate with opaque glass and porcelain markers to complete the work of art.

  5. Inspiration: v12427 A Canvas Panel with Print
  6. Inspiration: v12425 3D Art with Nails
  7. Inspiration: v12424 Canvas Panels with Neon Paint
  8. Inspiration: v12423 Laminated Place Mats
  9. Inspiration: v12422 Laminated Clocks
  10. Inspiration: v12381 Patchwork Cushions
  11. Inspiration: v12376 Crocheted Retro Squares

    The mix of colours used for these crocheted retro squares provide a stunning result. Use No. 4 crochet hook and Fantasia yarn. Use for decoration or sew the squares together to make a throw.

  12. Inspiration: v12342 Self Portraits with Silk Clay
  13. Inspiration: v12189 Lanterns with Knitted Covers
  14. Inspiration: v12127 Art Tiles with Prints
  15. Inspiration: v11722 Trivets with Collage
  16. Inspiration: v11383 Knitted bag
  17. Inspiration: v10619 Fleece
  18. Inspiration: v10592 Candle Making

    Pellets melted over a water bath and poured into decorated ceramic pots with a candle wick inserted to make a garden candle.

  19. Inspiration: v10584 A Collage with a wavy Effect
  20. Inspiration: v10583 Fun Pictures with Foam Clay
  21. Inspiration: v10582 A Mirror Collage
  22. Inspiration: v10572 Cotton Ball Mix
  23. Inspiration: v10524 Cernit

Items 145-180 of 184

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