Presents for Father's day

If you are giving your dad a present on Father's day, grab one of our many ideas for home-made presents, and why not add a Father's Day greeting card, created, to make any Father proud.

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  1. Inspiration: v12376 Crocheted Retro Squares

    The mix of colours used for these crocheted retro squares provide a stunning result. Use No. 4 crochet hook and Fantasia yarn. Use for decoration or sew the squares together to make a throw.

  2. Inspiration: v12367 Money Box Boots/Vases
  3. Inspiration: v12351 A Balloon Lamp
  4. Inspiration: v12342 Self Portraits with Silk Clay
  5. Inspiration: v12127 Art Tiles with Prints
  6. Inspiration: v11722 Trivets with Collage

    The colourful trivets are painted with black Plus Color. Torn pieces of neon paper are glued into the frame with a glue stick and then decorated with marker pens and Plus Color. The glass plate is glued on using a glue gun in the corners.

  7. Inspiration: v11692 Paint on Porcelain
  8. Inspiration: v10619 Fleece
  9. Inspiration: v10592 Candle Making
  10. Inspiration: v10584 A Collage with a wavy Effect

    A canvas panel painted with A-Color Glaze. Bubble wrap is pushed into the wet paint to make a pattern. The collage is made with torn paper and corrugated Metallic Card.

  11. Inspiration: v10583 Fun Pictures with Foam Clay
  12. Inspiration: v10582 A Mirror Collage
  13. Inspiration: v10572 Cotton Ball Mix
  14. Inspiration: v10524 Cernit
  15. Inspiration: v10400 3L Products for scrapbooking
  16. Inspiration: v1604 Photo transfer to canvas
  17. Inspiration: v1304 A decorated Mug
  18. Inspiration: v1305 A Mug with Flowers
  19. Inspiration: v729 A Cellophane Heart
  20. Inspiration: v535 Shrink Plastic Sheets
  21. Inspiration: v529 Foam Rubber

Items 145-177 of 177

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