Presents for Father's day

If you are giving your dad a present on Father's day, grab one of our many ideas for home-made presents, and why not add a Father's Day greeting card, created, to make any Father proud.

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  1. Inspiration: v15903 Bamboo kitchen utensils painted with Plus Color craft paint
    Add a personal touch to these bamboo kitchen utensils. Cover with masking tape, paint with Plus Color craft paint. Don't paint on areas which will come into contact with food.
  2. Inspiration: v14346 Keyring Fobs with Pom-Poms
  3. Inspiration: v14642 A painted Mosaic Box
  4. Inspiration: v14590 Painted wooden Hooks with Graphics using Templates
    These wooden hooks in different sizes are painted with Plus Color craft paint and some are painted with blackboard paint. All (except the one with the blackboard paint for drawing with chalk) are decorated with text and graphics using templates. The craft paint is applied gently with a foam stencil brush.
  5. Inspiration: v14515 Decorated wooden Coat Hooks
  6. Inspiration: v13951 A Cup Cosy made from knitted and felted Wool

    This cup cosy is knitted from Melbourne woollen yarn. It is felted by washing it in the washing machine at 60°C and then decorated with a felt moustache which is sewn on.

  7. Inspiration: v13135 Drawings on wooden Products
  8. Inspiration: v13133 Vases made from Gauze Bandages on Balloons

    These vases are only for decoration, shaped from different-sized balloons, bandaged with gauze bandages. When dry, the balloons are punctured and the vases are painted with A-Color gloss paint, and placed onto a napkin ring, so they can stand alone.

  9. Inspiration: v13112 Bowls made from Gauze Bandage
  10. Inspiration: v13064 A Tray with a Graphic Pattern
  11. Inspiration: v13050 A Trophy with Decoupage Paper
  12. Inspiration: v12821 A Cup Cosy

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