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Painting on Paper mache

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  1. Inspiration: v13197 Cone Angels with Felt and Feathers

    Papier-mâché cone angels with Vivi Gade Design felt (Skagen). Wooden beads with facial features for heads, yarn, feather wings, a halo made from silver beads on silver-plated wire. Decorate the dress with a white feather boa, trim and 3D silver Liner.

  2. Inspiration: v13050 A Trophy with Decoupage Paper
  3. Inspiration: v12918 A Papier-Mâché Christmas Pig with Decoupage

    A papier-mâché Christmas pig painted with Plus Color craft paint and decoupaged with Vivi Gade Design decoupage paper.

  4. Inspiration: v12835 Elephants with Wood Veneer
  5. Inspiration: v12820 A Giraffe with Yarn
  6. Inspiration: v12751 Pixie Dolls
  7. Inspiration: v12750 Cone Pixies
  8. Inspiration: v12748 Reindeer

    These reindeer are made from papier-mâché cones and polystyrene balls which are painted with A-Color matt paint. The arms and antlers are made from pipe cleaners.

  9. Inspiration: v12699 Bird Boxes
  10. Inspiration: v12671 Decorated Houses and Boxes
  11. Inspiration: v12593 A Decorated Box
  12. Inspiration: v12556 A Box with Plastic Mosaic
  13. Inspiration: v12463 Papier-Mâché letters with Handmade Paper

    Papier-mâché letters covered with handmade paper in bright colours.

  14. Inspiration: v12443 Decoupage on Papier-Mâché
  15. Inspiration: v12397 Papier-Mâché Ornaments
  16. Inspiration: v12336 Babushka Dolls with Decoupage

Items 109-144 of 202

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