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  1. Inspiration: v15989 A card and fabric Christmas house decorated with glitter for hanging
    Make your own Christmas house with glitter. Use the cut-out card, apply decoupage lacquer to the front and cover it with fabric. Decorate the roof with iron-on foil and attach a piece of string for hanging.
  2. Inspiration: v14069 A small painted and decorated Papier-Mâché Box

    Each of the small papier-mâché boxes with lids are painted with A-Color acrylic metallic paint. When dry they are all decorated with a variation of stickers, feathered down, sequins and rhinestones.

  3. Inspiration: v12143 Rio Carnival Masks
  4. Inspiration: v11203 Masks Venice
  5. Inspiration: v11180 African tribal masks

    The African tribal masks are modeled with plaster bandage on a full face mask of papier-mâché, then painted with Plus Color and decorated with African bead mix and golden Bonsai wire.

  6. Inspiration: v11179 A Framed African Mask
  7. Inspiration: v11167 African Masks on a Stick
  8. Inspiration: v10924 Scary Masks
  9. Inspiration: v1160 A Push-Up Clown

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