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Painting on Paper mache

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  1. Inspiration: v15934 A papier-mâché head decorated with paint
    Make a 3D portrait by attaching a balloon onto a card tube covered with duct tape and cover the balloon and the tube with papier-mâché pulp. When dry, paint the head with craft paint.
  2. Inspiration: v15059 Decoupage on Papier-mâché
  3. Inspiration: v13651 Different Tags on Presents
  4. Inspiration: v13472 Glittering Decorations for the New Year's Table

    The New Year's table decoration consists of silver-painted, glitter sprinkled, free-standing papier-mâché numbers and matching place cards, punched out from silver metallic foil card in a star shape. A napkin ring is shaped from silver pipe cleaners.

  5. Inspiration: v12330 Decorate Recycled Materials
  6. Inspiration: v12331 Elastic Wooden Figures
  7. Inspiration: v12208 Door Signs with Foam Rubber
  8. Inspiration: v11773 Gift Tags / Place Cards
  9. Inspiration: v11203 Masks Venice

    These beautiful masks are inspired by the traditional masks of Venice. The papier-mâché masks are painted and decorated with Plus Color and Art metal gold.

19 Items

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