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Painting on canvas

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  1. Inspiration: v15639 Stamped leaves on canvas
    Make stamp printing of leaves on a canvas using Plus Color craft paint. The leaves are hand-drawn and then cut out from a rubber carving block.
  2. Inspiration: v14054 A black Canvas with a marker-drawn and painted Design

    Poster Hobby markers, which are acrylic paint in marker pen format, are used for making a drawing and text onto a black canvas. The design is then coloured in with a brush and Plus Color craft paint.

  3. Inspiration: v13317 Sampling teknik

    Sampling er en teknik til overførsel af fotokopier til billeder. Teknikken kan bruges både på lærreder, bakker, tekstiler osv.

  4. Inspiration: v12482 A Visual Arts Project
  5. Inspiration: v12427 A Canvas Panel with Print
  6. Inspiration: v12424 Canvas Panels with Neon Paint
  7. Inspiration: v12379 Transfer Pictures
  8. Inspiration: v12316 Cotton Canvas for Jumping Jacks
    Doll shaped figures cut from cotton canvas using templates. Painted with Plus Color craft paint. Foam rubber material is attached to the back and holes are made at all the joints. Assemble the cotton canvas figure with paper binders.
  9. Inspiration: v12282 Chinese Girls with Pom-poms
  10. Inspiration: v12117 Hanging painted Canvas Figures
  11. Inspiration: v12065 Bird Cages on a Canvas
  12. Inspiration: v12011 A Painting using a Projector
  13. Inspiration: v11794 The Art of Giving …

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