Painting and drawing

Painting and drawing on paper

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  1. Inspiration: v13432 An XL Doll made from Imitation Fabric

    The large doll is made by using a marker to draw the outline of a person lying on a doubled-over piece of imitation fabric. The figure is painted with A-Color matt paint. Leave to dry before cutting it out. Fill with blank newspaper and staple together.

  2. Inspiration: v13229 A Picture made with Watercolour Pencils
    Children's musical intelligence is enhanced by this creative project when they listen to music whilst painting and drawing and thereby letting themselves be inspired by the sounds, rhythm and mood of the music. You may ask the children to draw and paint the feeling they experience when listening to the music.
  3. Inspiration: v12744 Click Ornaments for Painting
  4. Inspiration: v12517 Lyra Water-Soluble Graphite Crayons

    This picture is drawn with Lyra water-soluble graphite crayons and then brushed over with water on a soft brush.

  5. Inspiration: v12481 Watercolors
  6. Inspiration: v12423 Laminated Place Mats
  7. Inspiration: v12422 Laminated Clocks
  8. Inspiration: v12419 Woody colouring pencils
  9. Inspiration: v12417 Silhouette Art from Black Card
  10. Inspiration: v12416 Elephant Pictures
  11. Inspiration: v12411 A Drawing with Skrib Markers
    This drawing is made on coloured card using Skrib markers in different colours.
  12. Inspiration: v12067 Green Icons with 3D Mosaic
  13. Inspiration: v12069 Paper Bags with Print

Items 73-108 of 129

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