Modelling and moulding

If your inspiration is for modelling and moulding, many think of modelling clay. But there are so many more opportunities than just that. Here you will find ideas for modelling with Silk Clay, sculpting with plaster and casting with concrete.

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  1. Inspiration: v15934 A papier-mâché head decorated with paint
    Make a 3D portrait by attaching a balloon onto a card tube covered with duct tape and cover the balloon and the tube with papier-mâché pulp. When dry, paint the head with craft paint.
  2. Inspiration: v14755 Magnetic Figures from Pipe Cleaners with Silk Clay and Foam Clay
    These three magnets are decorated with child figures. Each child is made from a pipe cleaner skeleton with magnets for the hands and a polystyrene ball for the head. Everything is covered with Silk Clay and Foam Clay.
  3. Inspiration: v14797 A Pencil with a Silk Clay Head
  4. Inspiration: v14419 A Reindeer with a Cone Body covered with Foam Clay
    A sitting reindeer made from a polystyrene cone body, covered with brown Foam Clay, mixed from red, green and black. Silk Clay eyes and nose are pressed on. Pipe cleaner antlers and limbs are attached.
  5. Inspiration: v13002 Easter Chicks in Egg Shells
  6. Inspiration: v12880 Sculptures with Gauze Bandage
    Children's spatial and personal intelligence is enhanced by this creative project when making sculptures with gauze bandage. Children's spatial intelligence (image-wise) is enhanced when making sculptures. They can find inspiration for the sculptures from different artistic styles or they can develop their very own style which enhances their personal intelligence.
  7. Inspiration: v12346 Pop Up Line on Metal
  8. Inspiration: v12245 Easter Decorations
  9. Inspiration: v12133 Cadiz Masks
  10. Inspiration: v10924 Scary Masks

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