Modelling and moulding

If your inspiration is for modelling and moulding, many think of modelling clay. But there are so many more opportunities than just that. Here you will find ideas for modelling with Silk Clay, sculpting with plaster and casting with concrete.

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  1. Inspiration: v11898 Wise Men from the East

    Wise men made from self-hardening clay. Decorated with Plus Color Craft Paint. Special effects are made with Crackle Lacquer.

  2. Inspiration: v11631 A Forest Troll
  3. Inspiration: v11529 Sheep from Wool and Silk Clay
  4. Inspiration: v11459 The Robots’ Universe
  5. Inspiration: v11311 Vases of Self-hardening Clay
  6. Inspiration: v11177 Savannah chickens
  7. Inspiration: v11176 Zebra bird in self-hardening clay

    Gorgeous solid clay birds, easy to sculpt in self-hardening clay layered in colours.

  8. Inspiration: v11131 Bauble Angels and Pixies
  9. Inspiration: v11109 Small flat nosed Angels
  10. Inspiration: v11007 Delicious Cup Cake Boxes
  11. Inspiration: v10924 Scary Masks
  12. Inspiration: v10592 Candle Making
  13. Inspiration: v10590 Make a Puppet Theatre
  14. Inspiration: v1785 Forest trolls with papier-mâché pulp

    These cute little creatures from the forest are made from pulp, paper cups and faux fur. They are easy to make – even for very young children.

  15. Inspiration: v1463 Nabbi Bead Pixies
  16. Inspiration: v1432 Amazing icons
  17. Inspiration: v1128 Funny clowns

Items 109-130 of 130

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