Modelling and moulding

If your inspiration is for modelling and moulding, many think of modelling clay. But there are so many more opportunities than just that. Here you will find ideas for modelling with Silk Clay, sculpting with plaster and casting with concrete.

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  1. Inspiration: v14366 Standing Concrete Eggs, cast from Eggs
    Both of these eggs are cast with liquid concrete in a real egg and in a egg-shaped candle mould. The moulds are removed when dry and the concrete eggs are decorated with guinea fowl feathers and natural hemp.
  2. Inspiration: v14370 A cast Concrete Platter
  3. Inspiration: v13888 An Easter Bunny made from Silk Clay on a painted two-part Egg

    A lying down Easter bunny made from a two-part papier-mâché egg, painted with Plus Color craft paint. When dry, make a nose, eyes, long ears, a tail and paws from Silk Clay. Let these dry and then attach onto the the egg using A-Color glue lacquer.

  4. Inspiration: v13290 A sawn-off hand made from Gauze Bandage

    These sawn-off hands are made from gauze bandage wrapped around hands greased with vaseline. When dry, paint the moulded hands with Plus Color craft paint. Cut nails from sequin foil and glue them onto each finger on the moulded hand.

  5. Inspiration: v13112 Bowls made from Gauze Bandage
  6. Inspiration: v12867 Gnomes from Paverpol
  7. Inspiration: v12742 Halloween Shape Cutters

    These amusing hanging decorations are cut out from self-harding clay using shape cutters. They are then painted with Plus Color Craft paint. You may use organza ribbon for hanging.

  8. Inspiration: v12637 Little Flower Pot Men
  9. Inspiration: v10916 Pewter Jewellery
  10. Inspiration: v12439 Foam Clay on Papier-Mâché
  11. Inspiration: v12311 Sculpture Houses
  12. Inspiration: v12021 A Mousey Christmas
  13. Inspiration: v12010 A Sculpture with Gauze Bandage

Items 73-108 of 130

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