Creative world goal projects

Spoil the insects

Insect Hotel

Let the insects move into an insect hotel or a bugs B&B! Nature is in dire need of insects, and their numbers are in sharp decline in Europe. By offering great places to stay with the opportunity to lay eggs and larvae, the insects repay with pollination and are a food source for many bird species. Place the insect hotels/bugs B&Bs outside just as they are or let the children paint them with Plus Color craft paint (see page 5). You may apply a coat of weather-resistant lacquer. And keep an eye out for visitors.

Did you know that

Insects have favourite colours: Yellow and white flowers are especially visited by bees, beetles, wasps and flies. Pink flowers are visited by butterflies and bees are particularly fond of blue flowers. Let the children colour in flowers, dragonflies and butterflies, while you discuss the importance of, for example pollination.

Foam Clay creepy crawlies

Look in books and on the internet to see what the insects look like, what they eat and what threatens them. The children can make their own insects with this classroom kit by covering polystyrene items with Foam Clay and adding legs and antennae from pipe cleaners. It includes all you need for the project – and more.

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