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Finger paint

Sensory motor skills in the nursery
Finger paint for the very young ones

Allis, Nursery nurse

'During an activity like finger painting I make a point of only having a small group of children in the workshop at any one time, so I have the best conditions for concentrating during the process. I talk to each child about the feeling and the effect of having paint on your hands, the sound of splashing, the differences in colours; and in this case also the shapes of the masks'.

See the children's results with finger paint on masks and read what the nursery nurse said about the project with the little ones.

Sensory motor skills form an important foundation for the skills which a child should learn. A sensory motor challenge is a physical influence which is processed in the body into signals about a particular emotion or reaction.

- We knew in advance when we visited a nursery that sensory motor skills were on the timetable for that day.

For this reason, we had brought our specially developed and safety approved finger paint for children from the age of two. We also brought masks instead of flat paper to further stimulate the children's senses.

- Theory is one thing, practice is another, and we were overwhelmed by the atmosphere, which we are trying to share here with photos.

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