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Children testing Funny Friends 11-year-olds

Children testing "Funny Friends" classroom kit


Lissie Nygaard, Year 5 primary school teacher

'The 11-year-olds are so sensitive to each other that they often aim for the same goals. To see what they can really get out of their imagination, I think it is important to distribute the materials from the classroom kit (97250) between them in divided groups, so that some get the balls, others the coils etc. That being said, I see great opportunities in strengthening the impact of compulsory education by involving pupils creatively. Among other things, in their learning about storytelling angles where the pupils are given the figures in their hands and can actually practise when a 3rd person is talking'.

We are testing a classroom kit for creativity according to 11-year-olds own imagination. Look what the children's own imagination led to using a classroom kit of mixed materials, and what the teacher said afterwards.

Children are spontaneous and have an exquisite ability to use their imagination. Adults, on the other hand are often hampered by our well-developed knowledge, limiting our experimental impulse. 

At Creativ Company we would like to pay tribute to children's free play with our materials. We have therefore developed a classroom kit containing, among other things, Silk Clay, beads, mini bells, pipe cleaners and aluminum wire, ready to combine and put together as you wish. 

See how many different things children in this age group accomplished from the contents when they were allowed to decide for themselves.

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