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Research has proven that imagination and creativity strengthen children's intellectual development!

All our creative ideas have an educational starting point, in which we define the learning benefits that children can achieve, resulting in a great learning experience and the achievement they feel in producing a great item!

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  1. Inspiration: v15623 Cloud mobiles with different weather made from kraft paper and card
    Make clouds with various hanging card decorations. The clouds are made from two pieces of kraft paper which are filled with paper trimmings.
  2. Inspiration: v15532 Watercolour Collages
  3. Inspiration: v15531 A Papier-mâché Sea Monster
  4. Inspiration: v15261 A Puppet Theatre in a Shoe Box
  5. Inspiration: v14937 Watercolours and Symmetry
  6. Inspiration: v15148 Pixel Art with Cross Stitches
  7. Inspiration: v15147 Pixel Art with Rya
  8. Inspiration: v15043 Bonsai Wire and Silk Clay Athletes
    Children's personal, linguistic and social intelligence is enhanced by this creative project. Children's personal intelligence is enhanced when making a figure from bonsai wire and Silk Clay which illustrates their favourite sports or a sport that they are good at, stimulating their self-awareness. Children's social and linguistic intelligence is enhanced when they collaborate and exchange ideas for figures while talking about the figures and the sport.
  9. Inspiration: v14475 A Picture of a nesting Chicken
  10. Inspiration: v14465 Elasticated Bracelet with Words composed with Letter Beads
    A bracelet made from coloured beads threaded onto an elastic cord in colour order between letter beads composing a word. Finish by tying 3-4 tight knots.
  11. Inspiration: v14175 A Rubbing Picture with Neocolor I and II

    An image partially painted with water-soluble Neocolor II crayons and partly made as an imprint of the surface of an object with texture; shoe soles, coins or bark, using Neocolor I crayon, lightly shading on paper, placed on top of the surface.

Items 1-36 of 110

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