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1. Image-wise projects

Image-wise is enhanced by projects in which children must use their abilities to perceive, recognise and express themselves within the spatial, real world. This happens through working with clay modelling, mosaics, candle-making, moulding, making sweets, plaster moulding and papier-mâché.

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  1. Inspiration: v12890 Amusing Silk Clay Creatures
    Children's spatial and intuitive intelligence is enhanced by this creative project. Children's spatial intelligence (image-wise) is enhanced when modelling amusing Silk Clay figures. Furthermore, children's perception of reality is refined when they are encouraged to follow their imagination, the fun, the distorted and the crazy aspects - and it also enhances their intuition (intuition-wise).
  2. Inspiration: v12010 A Sculpture with Gauze Bandage
  3. Inspiration: v15532 Watercolour Collages
  4. Inspiration: v14447 A Dinosaur Skeleton covered with Silk Clay
    These wooden self-assembly dinosaur skeletons are covered with Silk Clay. Plastic eyes with thread are then pushed onto the head.
  5. Inspiration: v13024 Caran d'Ache Teaching Manual
  6. Inspiration: v13456 Jellyfish and Stinging Jellyfish made from Imitation Fabric

    The jellyfish and the stinging jellyfish both with long tentacles are made from imitation fabric. The jellyfish are cut out and painted in different colours with A-Color metallic paint, stapled together and hung on a piece of elasticated beading cord which makes them look like they are “swimming”.

  7. Inspiration: v12882 Silk Clay on Canvas Panels
  8. Inspiration: v12880 Sculptures with Gauze Bandage
  9. Inspiration: v12342 Self Portraits with Silk Clay
  10. Inspiration: v13671 A Contrasting Image of an Owl

    Kraft paper is painted with A-Color glossy acrylic paint. When dry, outline an owl with a white oil pastel. Paint the background with A-Color matt acrylic paint. Outline the owl once more with a refill bottle with a fine tip to make a relief effect.

  11. Inspiration: v13015 Stones and Silk Clay
  12. Inspiration: v15261 A Puppet Theatre in a Shoe Box

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