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It is fun for both children and adults to make your own hair accessories. Take a look at this page, and get lots of inspiration for DIY hair clips and hair bands, that you can make unique and personalize with e.g. beads and fabrics in beautiful colours and patterns.

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  1. Inspiration: v16159 Perennial flowers from beads
    Make perennial​​​ flowers from beads that can be used for many different purposes. Put them in a vase, on a hair clip or use them as gift decorations or napkin decorations on the table. Get started with the old, French handicraft, which looks complicated but is actually based on a few simple techniques. Thread rocaille seed beads onto a thin brass wire, pass the needle through a bead, thread more beads onto the wire and twist the brass wire, then you have made the first petal..
  2. Inspiration: v15848 Bead decoration on hair claws
  3. Inspiration: v15472 A Hair Clip decorated with Wax Beads sewn-together
    Decorate a hair clip with wax beads which are sewn together with jewellery wire and make your very own beautiful hair clip.
  4. Inspiration: v14779 A Hair Band with Felt Flowers and Cabochons
    This hair band is covered by braiding a piece of satin cord around it. It is then decorated with felt flowers and cabochons.
  5. Inspiration: v11757 Flowers in your Hair
  6. Inspiration: v11277 Hair band
  7. Inspiration: v1403 Cool Jewellery

26 Items

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