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  1. Inspiration: v16158 A jewellery set with freshwater pearls and rocaille seed beads
    Make your own jewellery set from rocaille seed beads and freshwater pearls. Build the necklace and the bracelet with freshwater pearls, rocaille seed beads and wax beads. Thread the beads onto a piece of beading wire.
  2. Inspiration: v15877 Macramé earrings
  3. Inspiration: v15260 Earrings with Rocaille Seed Bead Tassels
    These earrings are simple tassels made from 3 mm rocaille seed beads on jewellery wire attached onto French ear wires.
  4. Inspiration: v11065 Spiral earrings
  5. Inspiration: v13935 An Ear Hanger with a Freshwater Pearl

    This pair of long earrings is made by attaching a pendant made from a freshwater pearl on a ball head pin onto each ear hanger.

  6. Inspiration: v12609 Earrings with Black Howlite
  7. Inspiration: v12584 Earrings with Glass Eye Beads

    Glass beads are put onto a head pin which is then nipped off and the end twisted to form a loop. They are attached to a French earwire.

  8. Inspiration: v12540 Bead Earrings
  9. Inspiration: v12365 Jewellery School. Earrings
  10. Inspiration: v11335 Ear wire with a butterfly

34 Items

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