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They say making a gift is more meaningful then buying….you put a little of yourself into it! We are always developing new ideas for gifts you can make yourself. Choose gift ideas which you can adapt, there’s something for everyone!

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  1. Inspiration: v16130 Stamped designs using foam rubber sheets
    Print pictures with craft paint. Etching designs into a foam rubber sheet with a pencil is easy.
  2. Inspiration: v16207 A box with a personalized lid
  3. Inspiration: v16203 Fun, imaginative money boxes
  4. Inspiration: v15145 A Potholder from Cotton Tube Yarn
    This potholder is quick and easy to knit: Knit all stitches on all rows (garter stitches) using cotton tube yarn which is 100% cotton on the outside, filled with nylon stuffing on the inside (heat resistant). A faux leather paper strap is sewn on with mercerised cotton yarn. Yarn consumption: 100 g cotton tube yarn.
  5. Inspiration: v14241 A Storage Unit and a Box Set decorated in a Vintage Look

    The storage unit and the boxes are painted with two (2) colours and decorated with a pattern in a third colour, using a template and Chalky Vintage Look paint. When dry, the wooden items are sanded with sand paper to achieve a worn and rustic look.

  6. Inspiration: v14304 A free standing Tree with branded and painted Details
    This leaf bearing tree is decorated with details branded into the wood using a Pyrography tool. It is then painted with diluted Plus Color craft paint.
  7. Inspiration: v12126 Trivets

34 Items

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