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  1. Inspiration: v15914 An explosion box decorated for Valentine's Day
    Decorate this red explosion box for Valentine's Day. Decorate the pockets and the card inserts with lace patterned card, glitter hearts and rub-on stickers. You may put a small present or a piece of chocolate in the gift box in the middle of the explosion box.
  2. Inspiration: v15299 A DIY Wedding Explosion Box
    Make your very own explosion box as a wedding decoration. The explosion box contains surprises which are revealed when opened. It can be used for a menu card, a small present, a poem, a message, a place card with a song etc. It is cut from recycled card and is filled with decorations made from lace patterned card, glitter design paper etc.
  3. Inspiration: v14906 Christmas Presents with creative Details
    Vivi Gade design wrapping paper and folding boxes with a nutcracker. Decorated with Susifix ribbon and decorative ribbon as well as a manilla tag and a glitter paper rosette.
  4. Inspiration: v14723 A folded decorated Box
  5. Inspiration: v13939 A folding Box with Deco Foil
  6. Inspiration: v12972 Papier-Mâché Boxes with Handmade Paper

    These papier-mâché boxes are painted with Plus Color Craft paint and covered with handmade paper.

  7. Inspiration: v12671 Decorated Houses and Boxes
  8. Inspiration: v12667 Gift Boxes
  9. Inspiration: v12648 Decorated Folding Boxes
  10. Inspiration: v11936 Oslo Boxes
  11. Inspiration: v11860 Mini Gift Boxes
  12. Inspiration: v11758 Pillow Boxes / Folding Boxes
  13. Inspiration: v11610 Country Boxes

Items 1-36 of 39

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