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Do you want to make DIY home decor?

Here you'll find products, you can use to make decorations for your home, and lots of exciting home decor ideas you can make yourself. Whether you like to crochet, work with leather paper, decorate items or something else, you can find inspiration DIY home decor here.

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  1. Inspiration: v14855 Unicorn Papier-mâché Boxes with Foam Clay Decoration
    A unicorn box for storing small items or as a pencil holder. A round box is used and is decorated with a horn and ears modelled from Foam Clay. It is decorated further with craft paint and sequins.
  2. Inspiration: v12009 A Paper Horse for hanging
  3. Inspiration: v12007 Ballerinas

    Dancing ballerinas cut from paper and assembled with brads.

  4. Inspiration: v12003 Elephants in Color Bar
  5. Inspiration: v11532 A Tray Notice Board
  6. Inspiration: v11253 Transparent Flowers
  7. Inspiration: v11224 Balloon lamps
  8. Inspiration: v11179 A Framed African Mask
  9. Inspiration: v10944 Timeless Art
  10. Inspiration: v10584 A Collage with a wavy Effect
  11. Inspiration: v10582 A Mirror Collage

18 Items

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