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Do you want to make DIY home decor?

Here you'll find products, you can use to make decorations for your home, and lots of exciting home decor ideas you can make yourself. Whether you like to crochet, work with leather paper, decorate items or something else, you can find inspiration DIY home decor here.

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  1. Inspiration: v16137 Boxes covered with lino printing on imitation rice paper
    Make boxes covered with lino printing. Print and transfer the design onto a printing block. Cut the printing block with the design from linoleum and make beautiful prints on imitation rice paper. Adjust the finished lino printing to fit the boxes and attach with decoupage lacquer.
  2. Inspiration: v16129 A poster with lino printing
  3. Inspiration: v14275 Black Blackboard Paint on wooden Beads on a Leather Cord

    These hanging decorations are wooden beads painted with black blackboard paint. When dry, a black leather cord is attached. A tip: blackboard paint gives a matt finish. It is now possible to write erasable messages with chalk.

  4. Inspiration: v13964 Decorated Pots for Herbs
  5. Inspiration: v13590 Clipboards with Decoration
  6. Inspiration: v13313 A decorated Clip Board

    Three of the four Clip Boards shown here are decorated with Vivi Gade Design paper (the Paris series) glued on the front. The fourth Clip Board is painted with blackboard paint which is suitable as a base for decorations and messages written in chalk.

  7. Inspiration: v12781 Glass with Frosted Paint
  8. Inspiration: v12630 A Candle Holder with Masking Tape

    A candle holder decorated with cut-out owls attached with masking tape.

  9. Inspiration: v12188 Wood Icons with Glass Plates
  10. Inspiration: v11532 A Tray Notice Board
  11. Inspiration: v11330 Tray with glass

31 Items

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