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Here you'll find products, you can use to make decorations for your home, and lots of exciting home decor ideas you can make yourself. Whether you like to crochet, work with leather paper, decorate items or something else, you can find inspiration DIY home decor here.

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  1. Inspiration: v16136 Sew a cushion with piped edging
    Make stuffed piped edging on a homemade cushion for a beautiful finish. Mix patchwork fabric for unique cushions. You can use this technique for piped edging for your cushions, along your collar or on the front of your handbag.
  2. Inspiration: v16174 Make your very own rainbow
  3. Inspiration: v16146 Upcycle and reuse jam jars
  4. Inspiration: v16159 Perennial flowers from beads
  5. Inspiration: v16165 Crepe paper daffodils
  6. Inspiration: v16135 Fabric printing with do it yourself stamps
    Make your own stamps from foam rubber and stamp designs onto a cushion cover using craft paint and Textile Medium.
  7. Inspiration: v16134 Gauze bandage on canvas
  8. Inspiration: v16129 A poster with lino printing
  9. Inspiration: v16142 Boxes with fabric decoupage
  10. Inspiration: v16140 Sculptures from mixed clay
  11. Inspiration: v16081 A poppy from crepe paper
    Make your very own eternity bouquet with poppies from crepe paper. Cut out the template, make the centre from crepe paper and decorate the stamen with glitter. Make the leaves, glue them on the stem and cover the stem with green crepe paper.
  12. Inspiration: v16082 A peony from crepe paper
  13. Inspiration: v16084 A crepe paper tulip
  14. Inspiration: v16083 Cosmos crepe paper flowers
  15. Inspiration: v15985 An Advent wreath with pampas grass and sisal
    Cover a straw wreath with pampas grass and sisal using florist wire to keep them in place. Attach the other items onto the wreath with a glue gun. Tie thin silk ribbon in a bow onto each of the four metal candle holders and push these into the wreath.
  16. Inspiration: v15986 A macramé Christmas bauble
  17. Inspiration: v15983 Bluebells from crepe paper

Items 1-36 of 345

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