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  1. Inspiration: v14013 A Lantern made from Rainbow Card

    This lantern is made from strips of rainbow card, folded in half. One end is stapled onto a strip formed into a horizontal ring. Repeat, stapling the other end of each strip onto another horizontal ring. Finally, attach a strip at the top for the handle.

  2. Inspiration: v11982 Decoration
  3. Inspiration: v11532 A Tray Notice Board
  4. Inspiration: v10944 Timeless Art
  5. Inspiration: v11413 A Vivi Gade Mobile
  6. Inspiration: v11651 A Bird folded from Paper
    A lovely Bird folded from Pearlescent Paper
  7. Inspiration: v16129 A poster with lino printing
  8. Inspiration: v12009 A Paper Horse for hanging
  9. Inspiration: v11526 Hanging sheep
  10. Inspiration: v10584 A Collage with a wavy Effect
  11. Inspiration: v10582 A Mirror Collage

    Paint a canvas panel black and glue on a piece of aluminium foil with glue lacquer. Glue on torn paper with a glue stick.

  12. Inspiration: v12003 Elephants in Color Bar
  13. Inspiration: v11355 Prism chicks with hats
  14. Inspiration: v11253 Transparent Flowers

    The designs are drawn on hard foil sheets using Power Liner and then painted and decorated with A-color acrylic paint. When dry, decorate the flowers stems made from pipe cleaners.

  15. Inspiration: v12007 Ballerinas

33 Items

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