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  1. Inspiration: v16134 Gauze bandage on canvas
    Create 3D art on a canvas. It's easy to get started, because it does not require a lot of tools or techniques and does not take long. You will need gauze bandage strips, a canvas, acrylic paint, scissors, a brush and a bit of water.
  2. Inspiration: v12656 A Chinese Paper Star
  3. Inspiration: v14515 Decorated wooden Coat Hooks
  4. Inspiration: v11540 Owls and Babushkas
  5. Inspiration: v15253 A Lamp Shade from Spaghetti (Fabric) Yarn with long Strips
    This long lamp shade is made from two lamp shades wrapped with fabric yarn and assembled. Long strips of spaghetti (fabric) yarn are hanging from underneath the lamp shades.
  6. Inspiration: v10963 Doves of peace
  7. Inspiration: v11309 A Notice Board with Pegs
  8. Inspiration: v11179 A Framed African Mask
  9. Inspiration: v11612 Interior
  10. Inspiration: v11606 Hanging Decorations with Lighthouse and Shells

    Drill holes into these wooden figures and decorate with Plus Color Craft Paint. Natural flax twine threaded with shells is attached through the holes.

  11. Inspiration: v11413 A Vivi Gade Mobile

    The flower mobile is made from punched out circles in Vivi Gade Design paper.

  12. Inspiration: v13313 A decorated Clip Board
  13. Inspiration: v10944 Timeless Art

Items 1-36 of 84

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