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  1. Inspiration: v15691 A macramé hanging decoration shaped like a leaf
    Make your own hanging decoration using the macramé knot technique. The twine is unravelled with a comb and is trimmed into the shape of a leaf.
  2. Inspiration: v12065 Bird Cages on a Canvas
  3. Inspiration: v11651 A Bird folded from Paper
  4. Inspiration: v14822 A Wall Hanging with Tassels
  5. Inspiration: v16134 Gauze bandage on canvas
  6. Inspiration: v11342 An Organiser made from Felt
  7. Inspiration: v11982 Decoration

    Decorative paper baubles for hanging made from eight circles and assembled with gold thread and Glue Dots. These are decorated with mother-of-pearl plastic beads.

  8. Inspiration: v12656 A Chinese Paper Star
  9. Inspiration: v13099 A Crane made from Origami Paper

    The crane is folded using double-sided Vivi Gade Design origami paper following the Japanese folding technique of origami. A piece of mercerised cotton yarn with a tassel and beads is attached for hanging.

  10. Inspiration: v15880 A macramé plant hanger
  11. Inspiration: v14515 Decorated wooden Coat Hooks
  12. Inspiration: v14805 A Pom-pom Wreath
  13. Inspiration: v11540 Owls and Babushkas
  14. Inspiration: v14134 A woven Picture from Cotton Yarn, Wool and Strips of Fabric

    This woven hanging decoration is made with wool, cotton yarn and long strips of fabric on a wooden loom. We will now show you how to weave this hanging decoration and how to warp the loom.

  15. Inspiration: v11224 Balloon lamps
  16. Inspiration: v13542 Doodling on Terracotta Eggs
  17. Inspiration: v1437 Paintings for the cool ones

Items 1-36 of 182

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