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  1. Inspiration: v16130 Stamped designs using foam rubber sheets
    Print pictures with craft paint. Etching designs into a foam rubber sheet with a pencil is easy.
  2. Inspiration: v14840 Wedding Table Decorations
  3. Inspiration: v14573 A Money Gift in the form of a deep 3D decorated Frame with Money hung on a String
    This money gift for the confirmation candidate consists of a deep 3D wooden frame which comes in several parts, decorated like a window with a view. We have used card, decoupage paper, a print (black on white), string, small wooden pegs, ribbon and stickers.
  4. Inspiration: v13225 A Japanese Lantern made from Lolly Stick Slats

    This Japanese inspired square lantern for tealights is made with staggered slats made from lolly sticks which are glued together. The inside of the lantern is lines with transparent paper which creates a soft light when the lantern is lit.

  5. Inspiration: v12331 Elastic Wooden Figures
  6. Inspiration: v12282 Chinese Girls with Pom-poms
  7. Inspiration: v12208 Door Signs with Foam Rubber
  8. Inspiration: v12034 A Trivet with Collage
  9. Inspiration: v11773 Gift Tags / Place Cards
  10. Inspiration: v11753 The Elf is doing his Laundry

    Cut out the miniature clothing from felt using the template. Sew together by hand. Decorate with buttons and a patch on the trousers.

  11. Inspiration: v11253 Transparent Flowers
  12. Inspiration: v1407 Frames with Stamped Prints

33 Items

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