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  1. Inspiration: v16193 Wooden bouncy figures decorated with paint and foam rubber
    These lovely wooden bouncy figures are amusing and will look great on any desk.
  2. Inspiration: v14247 Arrange yourself practically in your Workplace

    This practical backboard for the desk is made from two perforated plates which fit our Focus Display series, screwed into the wall. Wide Euro pegboard hooks are inserted into the holes to use for hanging items such as scissors etc. The loose shelf is inserted into the holes as well.

  3. Inspiration: v12331 Elastic Wooden Figures
  4. Inspiration: v12282 Chinese Girls with Pom-poms

    These canvas figures have been painted with Art Proff Artist Color paint mixed with water. They have been stuck onto self-adhesive foam rubber. A tulle pom-pom is made on the Pom-pom maker.

  5. Inspiration: v12208 Door Signs with Foam Rubber
  6. Inspiration: v12034 A Trivet with Collage
  7. Inspiration: v11773 Gift Tags / Place Cards
  8. Inspiration: v11753 The Elf is doing his Laundry
  9. Inspiration: v1407 Frames with Stamped Prints

26 Items

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