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  1. Inspiration: v15046 A House-shaped Shelving System decorated with Craft Paint and Collage
    Cut-outs from magazines/brochures as well as punched-out Color Bar paper designs are glued onto this wooden shelving system which is painted with craft paint. The surface is sealed with a coat of decoupage lacquer.
  2. Inspiration: v13813 A Mirror in a painted Frame decorated with Foam Rubber

    This small mirror is made from a black-painted frame which – when dry – is decorated with cut-out and glued-on glitter foam rubber flowers. The mirror is a 18 x 18cm piece of plastic mirror which is glued onto the frame with Clear Multi Glue Gel.

  3. Inspiration: v12282 Chinese Girls with Pom-poms
  4. Inspiration: v12034 A Trivet with Collage
    This trivet with a hollow inlay is painted with Plus Color craft paint. When dry, it is decorated with a collage made from torn or cut paper which is glued on. Finally, the glass plate is glued on.
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  5. Inspiration: v11753 The Elf is doing his Laundry
  6. Inspiration: v1407 Frames with Stamped Prints

23 Items

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